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Our Mission & Our Vision

Our Mission is to promote excellence in the care of women at risk for or affected by gynecologic cancer through advocacy, education, research and interdisciplinary collaboration.

Our Vision is to eradicate gynecologic cancers.


Core Values

  • Advocacy: Advance policies that promote the eradication of gynecologic cancer.
  • Collaboration: Support and promote partnerships to advance the care of women with or at risk for gynecologic cancers.
  • Diversity & Inclusion: Commit to cultural humility and diversity of thought and engagement.
  • Education: Provide innovative education and continuous learning.
  • Engagement: Provide opportunities to participate in the progress of the gynecologic oncology profession.
  • Leadership & Professionalism: Set an example of integrity, quality and excellence.
  • Patient Care: Foster empathetic, comprehensive and high-value care to improve the lives of women with or at risk for gynecologic cancer.
  • Research: Advance innovation and discovery to eradicate gynecologic cancer.

2018-2020 Strategic Goals and Supporting Initiatives

1. Advance Awareness of Gynecologic Cancers to Advocate for Equitable Quality Care

  • Develop resources, white papers and expert opinions.
  • Enhance the image and effective voice of gynecologic oncologists among policymakers, caregivers, patients, organizations and others.
  • Identify and minimize barriers to access to the highest quality of cost‐effective care.
  • Advocate for an environment that fosters gynecologic oncology clinical trials.
  • Increase coverage of gynecologic cancer issues in social media and traditional news media outlets.

2. Collaborate With Other Organizations to Advance the SGO Mission and Vision

  • Build, lead and join alliances with advocacy and patient groups whose objectives and strategies are aligned with those of SGO.
  • Align with organizations that support, influence and actively promote gynecologic cancer care, prevention and treatment.

3. Improve Organizational Effectiveness by Excelling in Governance, Operations and Stewardship

  • Promote greater diversity and transparency of representation of women and minorities across the career spectrum, along with geographic and workforce balance in SGO’s meetings, education, research, governance, committees and staff.
  • Review current operations and restructure as needed to support the goals and strategies of the organization.
  • Provide membership transparent overview of programmatic activity and budget.
  • Develop effective strategies to diversify SGO’s revenue stream.

4. Increase and Diversify Membership

  • Identify and serve the evolving needs of SGO members as well as the field of gynecologic oncology.
  • Build meaningful, effective and efficient tools to help members connect, network and collaborate.
  • Expand and diversify the community of members, customers, consumers and organizations who value SGO resources.

5. Innovate, Enhance and Expand Educational Offerings

  • Develop education tailored to the diverse needs of all audience segments.
  • Explore opportunities to enhance access to educational programs.
  • Identify and partner with relevant organizations.

6. Promote Quality Research in Gynecologic Cancers

  • Develop a research portfolio that focuses on improving the care of women with or at risk for gynecologic cancers.
  • Establish a clinical research community.
  • Establish a mentorship curriculum for research.
  • Recruit top research abstracts to be presented at SGO Annual Meeting.

7. Support Professional and Practice Development

  • Monitor and address workforce issues and develop programs specific to the changing needs.
    Provide early career and leadership development, mentoring and support.
    Advocate on behalf of SGO members for defining reimbursement and quality metrics.
    Help members negotiate and adapt to the increasing complexity of gynecologic oncology healthcare practice.

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