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Our Mission & Our Vision

Our mission is to prevent and treat gynecologic cancers with equity, thereby improving lives through advocacy, engagement, education, research and collaboration.

Our vision is to eradicate gynecologic cancers.


Core Values

  • Advocacy: Advance policies that promote the eradication of gynecologic cancer.
  • Collaboration: Support and promote partnerships to advance the care of women with or at risk for gynecologic cancers.
  • Diversity & Inclusion: Commit to cultural humility and diversity of thought and engagement.
  • Education: Provide innovative education and continuous learning.
  • Engagement: Provide opportunities to participate in the progress of the gynecologic oncology profession.
  • Leadership & Professionalism: Set an example of integrity, quality and excellence.
  • Patient Care: Foster empathetic, comprehensive and high-value care to improve the lives of women with or at risk for gynecologic cancer.
  • Research: Advance innovation and discovery to eradicate gynecologic cancer.

2021-2024 Strategic Goals and Supporting Initiatives

1. Advance the prevention, early diagnosis, and treatment of gynecologic Cancers by establishing and promoting standards of excellence.

  • Develop clinical statements and recommendations regarding the care and prevention of gynecologic cancers.
  • Integrate standards in the development of educational programs and publications.
  • Increase awareness of SGO resources to the global healthcare community.
  • Diversify dissemination strategies to increase access and adoption in clinical practice.
  • Advocate more equitable care across all patient populations.

2. Foster greater diversity, equity, inclusion, and accountability within the Society
and the larger healthcare community to improve health outcomes for all patients.

  • Attract, diversify, and develop future generations of healthcare professionals and stakeholders who treat and care for gynecologic cancer patients.
  • Increase diversity within membership and volunteer leadership roles.
  • Increase participation in content development from a diverse group of professionals.
  • Identify and support research and education aimed at improving health outcomes for diverse patient populations.

3. Support the membership through operational excellence, innovation, engagement, and efficiency.

  • Create, customize, and deliver timely, relevant and accessible content, information, and education.
  • Develop a diverse portfolio of high-quality, innovative programs, products, and services that support the professional development and wellness of members.
  • Invest in enabling capabilities including people and technology.
  • Build greater connectivity among members to cultivate relationships, knowledge sharing and mentoring.

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