Presidential Matters August 2013

Presidential Matters Goff

August 2013

Dear Colleague,

Goff, Barbara

I hope you have been taking advantage of these beautiful summer months to get some rest and relaxation. The Society of Gynecologic Oncology (SGO), volunteers and staff have been working hard to serve you in the areas of quality and physician reimbursement.

The Quality and Outcomes Committee, headed by Matthew A. Powell, MD, has developed quality measures for ovarian, endometrial and cervical cancers. The SGO Registry will contain data points directly related to these measures. We are reviewing member feedback on the data collection tool for ovarian and endometrial cancers and will determine final data elements soon. I am thrilled to report that as many as 40 sites have expressed an interest in participating in the registry.

In addition, the Outcomes Research Institute recently announced grant opportunities for the Wilma Williams Education and Clinical Research Award for Endometrial Cancer and the Improving Outcomes in Gynecologic Patients Research and Education Award, funded by the Gynecologic Oncology Group. I encourage you to visit the new Quality, Outcomes and Research section of the SGO website. It contains a wealth of timely information about SGO’s quality initiatives.

SGO’s Government Relations Committee, chaired by Patrick F. Timmins, III, MD, has been laying the groundwork to advance proposals for physician payment reform. Bundled payments, in which a patient pays a single fee for an episode of care from initial consult through completed therapy and surveillance, are gaining traction as the future model of medical reimbursement because they are designed to reward quality over quantity of care.

We have begun to map out a clinical care process for endometrial cancer, from initial consult through completed therapy and surveillance. A bundled payment model for this process will be developed, and SGO will seek partnerships to conduct demonstration projects.

The timing of our quality, registry and bundled payments initiatives could not be better. We must have all of these elements in place to document quality outcomes, improve delivery and ensure appropriate reimbursement. These two committees deserve our recognition and support for undertaking these immense and complex projects. Please keep up with SGO news as more details become available, and consider how you and your institution may get involved. Change is coming quickly, and SGO wants to ensure you have the tools to succeed.

I am driven to see improvements in quality and reimbursement and am fortunate to be at the helm of SGO as we make substantive progress. Your input is critical, so as always I welcome your feedback. You may reach me at

With thanks,

Barbara A. Goff, MD