Presidential Matters September 2014


September 2014

Dear Colleagues,


I want to take advantage of Gynecologic Oncology Awareness Month to call attention to two major priorities of the Society of Gynecologic Oncology: research support and the Practice Survey.

First, SGO’s commitment to research continues to build. Thanks to generous donations to the Foundation for Gynecologic Oncology, we are now able to award up to $75,000 annually through four research awards:

  • Wilma Williams Education and Clinical Research Award for Endometrial Cancer (up to two awards at a maximum of $10,000 each)
  • Gynecology Oncology Group (GOG) Improving Outcomes Research and Education Fellow-in-Training Award (up to three awards at a maximum of $10,000 each)
  • ME STRONG Young Investigator’s Award (one award of $15,000)
  • SGO Fellow-In-Training Ovarian Cancer Award (one award of up to $10,000)

As you can see, donations from members like you are already being put to good use. Most recently, the Foundation for Gynecologic Oncology established a program for grateful patients to make donations in support of research. The Gift of Hope program received initial funding of $15,000 from cervical cancer survivor Linda Ryan of DeLand, FL, and her organization ME STRONG. The donation enabled SGO to create the ME STRONG Young Investigator’s Award.

Now you can offer your patients an opportunity to contribute to research through the Foundation for Gynecologic Oncology’s Gift of Hope program. Printed postcards to share with your patients are available in the SGO Store.

We are truly grateful for the support of all of our members whose donations to the Foundation for Gynecologic Oncology have made it possible for SGO to advance research in our subspecialty. In addition, our Legacy Society members, Dr. Jimmy and Mrs. Vicki Orr, and Dr. Farr Nezhat, as well as the Gynecologic Oncology Group have been absolutely critical to our success.

Second, SGO’s Practice Survey is one of the most important tools available to inform physicians, hospital administrators, industry, insurers and woman’s cancer care teams about the current, present and future state of gynecologic oncology. With good data, you may be able to use the survey to help negotiate a higher salary. I implore Full and Candidate members to take the time to complete the survey by the Sept. 29 deadline so we may develop a comprehensive and accurate picture of our subspecialty’s practice. If you missed the email with your personal link to the survey, please contact Jessica Oldham.

I welcome your thoughts about our research support and Practice Survey. I am confident that we are on the right track, but I can always learn more when I hear directly from the members. Please email me at I wish you all the best for a healthy and productive autumn season.


Richard R. Barakat, MD