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The Voices of SGO Members

Society of Gynecologic Oncology (SGO) members include primarily gynecologic oncologists, as well as medical oncologists, pathologists, radiation oncologists, hematologists, surgical oncologists, obstetrician/gynecologists, nurses, physician assistants, social workers, fellows-in-training, residents and other allied health care professionals interested in the treatment and care of those with gynecologic cancer.

SGO members provide multidisciplinary cancer treatment including chemotherapy, radiation therapy, surgery and supportive care. They practice in a variety of settings, including academic institutions and hospitals, major regional cancer centers and private practice.

Here they share their perspectives on a number of important topics: Maintaining wellness in the health care profession, diversity and inclusion in gynecologic oncology, and issues of health equity.


Aug 27, 2020

This is Our Lane: An SGO Forum for Diversity, Inclusion and Health Equity

Author(s): Diversity and Inclusion
Categories: Inclusion & Health Equity
Jul 16, 2020

Voices: Putting Your Oxygen Mask on First | Diana Cholakian Pearre, MD

Author(s): Diana Cholakian Pearre
Categories: SGO WellnessWellness
Jun 18, 2020

Voices: Wellness Q & A with SGO President David E. Cohn, MD, MBA

Author(s): David Cohn
Categories: Wellness
Jan 9, 2020

Voices: Learning how to take care of ourselves | Katherine R. Tucker, MD

Author(s): Katherine Tucker
Categories: Wellness
Nov 18, 2019

Voices: With gratitude and thanksgiving | Wellness Task Force

Author(s): SGO Wellness
Categories: ThanksgivingWellness
Oct 29, 2019

Voices: Caring for the caregiver | Erica Weston, MD, MHS

Author(s): Erica Weston
Categories: Uncategorized
Oct 2, 2019

Voices: Reflecting on an adverse outcome – perspectives from a trainer and a trainee

Author(s): SGO Wellness
Categories: Uncategorized
Aug 21, 2019

2020 Annual Meeting Co-chairs describe balancing act

Author(s): SGO Wellness
Categories: Uncategorized
Jul 23, 2019

Voices: The hazards of sleep deprivation | Marta Ann Crispens, MD, MBA, FACOG

Author(s): Marta Crispens
Categories: SGO Wellness
Jun 17, 2019

Voices: Fitness into a Specialty | J. Brian Szender, MD, MPH

Author(s): Brian Szender
Categories: Uncategorized
May 23, 2019

Voices: Wellness Q and A with SGO President Warner K. Huh, MD

Author(s): Warner Huh
Categories: Uncategorized
Feb 20, 2019

Voices: Combating compassion fatigue | Kimberly E. Resnick, MD

Author(s): Kimberly Resnick
Categories: Uncategorized
Jan 23, 2019

Voices: The case for a healthy night’s sleep | Shannon MacLaughlan David, MD

Author(s): Shannon MacLaughlan
Categories: Uncategorized
Nov 15, 2018

Voices: With Gratitude and Thanksgiving | Wellness Task Force

Author(s): SGO Wellness
Categories: Uncategorized
Oct 17, 2018

Voices: Is there a ‘good’ time to start a family as a gynecologic oncologist? Melissa A. Geller, MD, MS

Author(s): Melissa Gellar
Categories: SGO Voices

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