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Voices: SGO Annual Meeting: A Latin American perspective

Apr 30, 2015

SGO Annual Meeting: A Latin American perspective | Erick Estrada, MD

Latin America is a region with tremendous potential, diverse cultures and languages, our own unique problems but a very genuine mission to eradicate women´s cancer. The local economy plays an important role in dictating access to health care but we are determined to overcome any barriers, because our mission is based upon knowledge instead of bureaucracy.

Erick Estrada, MD

Erick Estrada, MD

The 2015 SGO Annual Meeting was the first time I was invited to be a speaker at such an important meeting. Chicago is a beautiful city. The knowledge we gained in the “Windy City” will never blow away. It will stand deep in our minds and settle in our hearts. This was an opportunity for friends and colleagues from Colombia, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Guatemala and the United States to exchange information and experience and, above all, to collaborate with each other.

The meeting had a tremendous amount of people involved and record-breaking attendance, and the research presented was one-of-a-kind. Participating in my first SGO Annual Meeting was truly an experience that left me with so many ideas I want to replicate in my home country, and to continue fighting for those women in need. The perspective that I have is shared by my friends who left their families and loved ones to attend this meeting and discuss these important topics in women´s health.

I don´t have the words to express my gratitude to those who organized this year’s SGO Annual Meeting and those friends who kindly invited us–I will always think of them as mentors. Latin America is a region struggling to stand by itself, but SGO has been a platform to those of us who want more participation in the name of science.