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Fellows Wellness Curriculum

The initiative involves a designed curriculum that includes modules on resiliency, managing priorities, empathy and positivity, and communicating bad news.  This initial curriculum is currently being evaluated by 15 fellowship training programs serving as ‘beta sites.’ Faculty members from each program have undergone specific training for this wellness curriculum, and will facilitate presentation of these modules to the fellows at their respective institutions. Data will be assessed, evaluating burnout and awareness of burnout symptoms, educational components of each of the modules, as well as adoption of wellness practices.

SGO’s Annual Meeting on Women’s cancer

Beginning in 2014, SGO has made a concerted effort to include wellness education, awareness and intervention techniques into its premier educational event. Past presentations include:

Improve Your Well-being Through Coaching: Connect, Engage, Thrive!, Kerri Palamara, MD
Wellness Zone, including seated massages & Wellness Tips and Resources
New Orleans jazz group at Welcome Reception

Transforming the Way we Work; the Science of High Performance, Katherine Bailey, The Energy Project
Member Wellness Interviews
Fun Run
Steps Challenge
Wellness Zone, including seated massages

Practicing Wellness: Tools for Cultivating Resilience and Avoiding Burnout, Sarah Halley, ACC

Gyn Onc Wellness Retreat: Reinvigorating the Joy and Compassion in your Practice, Kell Julliard, MA

Physician Stress Management and Resiliency Training Workshop, Amit Sood, MD