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ACCME Compliant Presenter Guidelines

The following Society of Gynecologic Oncology (SGO) presenter guidelines are compliant with the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME).

Policy 7.12: Bias Presentation for CME Activities

Reference of Pharmacologic Treatments or Surgical Procedures

  • All drugs or medical products should be referred to by their GENERIC name. If the generic name is unknown, available products from several companies must be mentioned.
    • EXCEPTION: Per ACCME, if only one FDA approved drug/therapy exists for specified use, reference to the trade name is permissible.
  • Syllabus material and presentation slides must not include any advertising, trade name, logos or make reference to a specific product.
    • EXCEPTION: Per ACCME, a trade name or company name may be identifiable on instrumentation that is captured during a surgical procedure as part of a recorded surgical film if the recorded material is utilized for educational purposes ONLY.

Data Reference

  • Recommendations may only be made when drawn from a peer-reviewed publication or based on evidence that is generally accepted within the profession of medicine.
  • Evidence and publication information must be referred to when stating recommendations.
  • The Presenter’s relationship to a study or publication as well as any commercial funding for a study or publication must be disclosed.
  • SGO prohibits any materials derived from a commercial entity to be directly implemented to the Presenter’s presentation.

HIPAA Compliance

  • No patient names, photographs or other unique identifiers may be referenced or presented in the slides and/or audio/visual aids.

PowerPoint Slide Template

  • All presentations must be formatted on the SGO designated PowerPoint slide template, specific to the activity in which the Presenter is speaking.

Distributed Materials

  • Prior to the distribution of any materials, all content will be peer-reviewed by a Member of the Education Committee to ensure the content is free of bias and in accordance with ACCME’s guidelines.
  • In the event the content is not in accordance with ACCME guidelines, the Presenter will be required to make the appropriate revisions, as recommended by the Education Committee Reviewer, and resubmit their material.

Verbal Disclosure

  • Verbal disclosure of relevant financial relationships with commercial entities and the Presenter’s involvement in cited studies or publications must be given at the beginning of every live presentation.

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