Early Career Educational Summit Education

Course Description

This one-and-a-half-day course is designed to balance the scientific and clinical education with career development. There will be a special focus on what to expect in preparing for and taking exams, researching and funding for research, negotiating the many levels of practice and practice environments, determining specific career paths, and how these elements combine to impact treatment and patient outcomes. This summit also offers an opportunity in several forums to interact with SGO leadership and faculty who have developed successful careers in academic medicine and community practice.

Navigating Your Early Career

  • Managing Up! How to Maximize Productivity and Establish Excellent Mentor-Mentee Relationships
  • The Nuts and Bolts of Academic Promotion
  • Crucial Conversations: You Get What You Negotiate
  • Keynote speaker on Communication and Leadership
  • Panel – Difficult Conversations – How professionalism and Patient Engagement are Essential in Leadership

Identifying Funding Sources: What Grants Exist for Fellows and Junior Faculty?

  • Grantsmanship and Career Development Proposals
  • Writing for the Early Career Professional: Entering into the Conversation: Developing Effective Writing and Publication Skills

Trainee to Teacher: Developing a Career in Education

  • Case Presentations on Research and Funding
  • Rescreening for genetic mutations using multi-gene panel testing in patients who previously underwent non-informative genetic screening and Q&A
  • Learn More about GOFRN
  • Developing a Niche: It’s Never too Early to Begin

Breakout Sessions


  • Introduction to Cooperative Group Clinical Trials in Ovarian and Uterine Cancer
  • Update on Cooperative Group Clinical Trials in Cervix, Vulvar and Gestational Trophoblastic Disease
  • Basic Statistics for Clinical Research


  • Developing an Interest in Patient Safety/Quality Outcomes and Surgical/Clinical Outcomes
  • Developing a Career in Comparative Effectiveness Research
  • Developing a Career on the Bench – Translational Science and a Being Clinical Trialist


  • How to Create and Manage a Prospective Cancer Registry
  • Prospective Surgical Research: Data Points and Quality Assurance: Surgical Quality in Gynecologic Oncology
  • NSQIP and HCUP-Nationwide Inpatient Sample Surgical Research Opportunities

Poster Review and Discussion

  • Abstract and Case Study Presentations
  • Balancing a Demanding Career with Personal Life
  • Panel – Navigating Professional balance: What it Really Means to Maintain Work/Life Balance and Course Conclusion