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Mar 18 - Mar 21, 2022 Phoenix, Arizona
Phoenix Arizona

Media & Press

The Society of Gynecologic Oncology’s (SGO) Annual Meeting on Women’s Cancer is the premier scientific conference focused on the delivery of high-quality gynecologic cancer care.


Media are required to abide by the embargo policies governing the Annual Meeting on Women’s Cancer. For oral presentations, the embargo lifts on the day on which the presentation is being made. For poster presentations, the embargo lifts on the first day they are available for viewing during the meeting.

Media Contact: Robyn Kurth


Press registration is available only to members of the working media who can demonstrate that their attendance results in original coverage of the SGO Annual Meeting. SGO does not issue press credentials to advertising, marketing, public relations or sales representatives; publishers, editors or reporters from manufacturers’ house organs or promotional publications; public relations staff of exhibitors or educational institutions; writers creating analyses or reports sold as a commodity to customers; or other individuals who are not actually reporting on the meeting. In order to obtain press registration, media must present identification certifying that they are a working member of the print, broadcast or online news media or a letter from an editor stating that you have been assigned to cover the Annual Meeting on Women’s Cancer. Working press may not also register as exhibitors.


If you attended a past meeting as media, SGO reserves the right to request copies of articles or broadcast coverage resulting from that assignment to be credentialed as press at subsequent SGO meetings. SGO is not responsible for locating past coverage.


Registered members of the working media may access or attend all Annual Meeting on Women’s Cancer sessions and exhibits. SGO retains final authority in all issues of access.

Video/photo regulations

As a courtesy to presenters, audio and video recording of sessions is allowed only with prior permission of the speaker. No photos/screenshots or video may be taken of exhibit booths without prior permission from the exhibitor.

Failure to fulfill any of these requirements will results in forfeiture of media credentials for the SGO Annual Meeting on Women’s Cancer and denial of credentials for subsequent meetings.


Use #SGOMtg for tweets or posts about the SGO Annual Meeting. The following hashtags are useful for disease-specific posts.


#GynOnc #GYNCSM (Gynecologic Cancer Social Media)


#HPV #HPVVaccine or #HPVvax #PapTest


#Cancer #GynCancer #UterineCancer or #utca #CervicalCancer or #cxca #OvarianCancer or #ovca #VulvarCancer #VaginalCancer


#Chemotherapy #Radiation #Oncology


#BRCA #BRCA1 #BRCA2 #BRCAmutation


Meetings & Events

SGO is the premier source for gynecologic oncology education. Several meetings are hosted by SGO throughout the year for professional development.

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