Foundation for Gynecologic Oncology Legacy Society

Legacy Society

The Legacy Society of the Foundation for Women’s Cancer

In today’s ever-changing health care landscape the Society of Gynecologic Oncology (SGO) recognizes the growing importance of further establishing its medical relevancy and financial independence in order to create a sustainable future. As a result, the Foundation for Women’s Cancer will play an instrumental role in assisting the Society to achieve its goals.

The Foundation is a unique platform that can unify the SGO membership and allows individual members to support the viability of their medical specialty. For individuals (members and non-members) who are fortunate enough and compelled to make a substantial financial commitment to ensure the heritage of the Society, the Legacy Society of the Foundation for Women’s Cancer is a giving option that can help SGO achieve those goals.

Through their generosity, members of The Legacy Society are demonstrating a profound and unwavering commitment to advancing the Society of Gynecologic Oncology, the medical practice of gynecologic oncology, and the care for women who suffer from gynecologic malignancies.

The Legacy Society Structure

1. The two categories for how funds will be used are Education and Research. Donors may choose to make an unrestricted commitment or designate funding for either education or research. This includes the option to designate funds as a named award.
2. To qualify for The Legacy Society a financial commitment must be a six-figure commitment
3. Membership in The Legacy Society will be in perpetuity
4. Named Awards for education or research will remain active for the duration of available funding
5. Named Endowment Funds are available through various funding models.
6. Benefits include:

  • Founding Member status for commitments made by the 2015 SGO Annual Meeting for Women’s Cancer
  • Input on specific area of education or research desired to support
  • Recognition for presenting the award during the Foundation Gala at the SGO Annual Meeting
  • Named recognition where award mentioned in SGO and Foundation communication channels
  • Progress reports from named award recipient related to their research project
  • Named recognition where research published by named award recipient, where available
  • Recognition in the Journal Gynecologic Oncology
  • Recognition on signage at SGO Annual Meeting
  • Prominent recognition on SGO web site via the Foundation web page(s)
  • Donor spotlight article in SGO Issues
  • Recognition on special edition The Legacy Society pin
  • Financial statement sent to the donor annually*
  • Named Lectureship at SGO Annual Meeting**

* As requested, typically applies to a named award vs. an unrestricted commitment.
** Discuss options with SGO

Wilma Williams Legacy Endowment for Research and Education in Uterine Cancer

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