The SGO Communications Department uses an online system to receive requests for web and design projects as well as track the progress of these projects. Please fill out the forms below to make a communications request and to monitor the status of each project.

Communications Workflow

  • Brainstorm/concept with Communications team (optional)
  • Establish realistic timeline/deadlines
  • Submit copy for review to Ellen/Robyn or enter a request for copy with all necessary details to the Copy Request Intracomm. Please allow 3 days for copy review, more for writing.
  • Once all copy has been reviewed/written, submit to Intracomm (either website or designwith all necessary attachments and details. Please allow around two weeks for design projects when possible, which includes time for edits. An email “heads up” for larger or urgent projects is appreciated, but all materials must be submitted to Intracomm. You can see your project submission and status on the Intracomm page as well.
  • After design, project reviewed by Ellen/Robyn and requester/any other relevant staff members. Please send any changes back within 2 days, and allow time for adjustments and review. 

For urgent/day of projects, please email “high priority” all relevant Communications staff involved to make sure we see your project and do our best to help with it. 

Copy Requests

Copy Request Form

Copy Request Status

Website Projects

Website Request Form

Website Project Status

Design Projects

Design Request Form

Design Project Status