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The SGO Honors and Awards Committee was founded in 2011 to acknowledge the achievements made in gynecologic oncology and those who have contributed toward these advancements for women with gynecologic malignancies.

SGO currently awards individuals whose efforts have made an impact on the prevention, care and treatment of women’s cancers. The nomination and selection of awardees varies per award.

SGO honors and awards nominations is currently closed.

Selection and Presentation

The Honors and Awards Committee solicits nominations from the SGO membership for all awards. The committee evaluates the nominations with the final selection made by the SGO Board of Directors. Awards are presented at the Annual Meeting on Women’s Cancer, which will be held next on March 16-19, 2024.

Honors & Awards Criteria

Distinguished Service Award

Established in 2012, the Distinguished Service Award recognizes individuals who, over an extended period of time, display a continuous outstanding meritorious service in the field of gynecologic oncology.

2023 Awardees

Annekathryn Goodman, MD

Dave Alberts, MD

Kathleen Moore, MD
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Gynecologic Oncology Innovation Award

Established in 2011, the Innovation Award honors individuals who have been exceptionally creative thinkers that significantly impacted the understanding of and/or approaches to the prevention, diagnosis or treatment of gynecologic cancers.

2023 Awardees

Amanda Nickles Fader, MD

Victoria Bae-Jump, MD, PhD

Robert Coleman, MD
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Harry Long Multidisciplinary Award

Harry Long

Harry J. Long III, MD, FACP

Established in 2013, the Harry Long Multidisciplinary Award recognizes outstanding SGO Members for their contributions to multidisciplinary mentorship, collegiality or teaching in the field of gynecologic oncology.

The SGO Membership Committee conceived this award to honor the spirit of the late Harry J. Long III, MD, FACP, a soft-spoken but authoritative leader. As a medical oncologist member of SGO, Dr. Long’s common sense and wise guidance helped SGO evolve into a multidisciplinary “team-based” organization, and by 2010 the Society expanded its Full Member category to include medical and radiation oncologists and pathologists. The expansion also extends to international physicians and surgeons, allied health professionals and students.

Harry passed away unexpectedly in January 2013, right before he was about to be the first medical oncologist to serve as Vice Chair on the SGO Membership Committee. Harry’s spirit as an unshakeable voice of reason and his unimpeachable sense of fairness endeared him to all on the SGO Membership Committee, and SGO owes its recent incarnation as a multidisciplinary Society to his leadership.

Members in any spectrum of the multidisciplinary women’s cancer care team are eligible for this award. In the spirit of the SGO member expansion, the nomination of non-gynecologic oncologist members is encouraged.


Awardee Eligibility Guidelines

  • Individual has contributed to gynecologic oncology through prevention, screening, research, teaching, treatment, supportive and/or palliative care
  • Individual is a recognized or emerging leader within the gynecologic cancer field or influential in the oncology or women’s health community at large
  • Professional experience, ethics, character, integrity, advocacy activities, personal and civic involvement are taken into consideration
  • Contributions may be local, national or international
  • Must be an SGO Member

2023 Awardee

Paul DiSilvestro, MD

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Health Equity Awareness and Advocacy in Gynecologic Oncology

The Health Equity Awareness and Advocacy in Gynecologic Oncology Award recognized an individual who is synonymous with advocacy for diversity and health equity in gynecologic cancer. This award was conceived to honor the spirit of Mary “Dicey” Jackson Scroggins. Mary embodied spirit, optimism, drive to make change, and the beliefs that honesty, equity, and community can overcome barriers. She brought her beliefs and knowledge to the betterment of all people, to improve understanding about cancer in diverse populations, and to fight for the research necessary to make progress worldwide in gynecologic cancer care.

2023 Awardee

Annie Ellis

Humanitarianism and Volunteerism Award

Established in 2012, the Gynecologic Oncology Humanitarianism & Volunteerism Award is awarded to an individual for their exemplary local, national or international volunteer and outreach efforts in women’s cancer care, research or training.

2023 Awardee

Anne Busisiwe Alaniz, DO

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President’s Award

Honors those underrepresented in healthcare and their outstanding accomplishments serving SGO and/or the gynecologic community.

2023 Awardee

Gregorio Delgado, MD​

Service Award

Recognized a member and/or non-member who has either gone above and beyond and/or provided a service to SGO.

2023 Awardee

Jill Rathbun

Surgical Mentor Award

The Surgical Mentor Award recognizes individuals who have influenced and mentored fellows in the art of surgery. Surgical training is imperative in the field of gynecologic oncology, and the ability to teach and guide trainees can be challenging but rewarding. This is a pillar of our field that does not always get as much limelight, and this is a unique opportunity to highlight those that go the extra mile to mentor fellows in the art of surgery. This is an excellent opportunity for the fellows to show gratitude to those that train them.

2023 Awardee

John Soper, MD

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