Breast Cancer Committee

Breast Cancer Committee

Promotes the provision of comprehensive, patient-centered, breast health and cancer care of women including education, research, screening, prevention and treatment.

Committee Responsibilities

  • Establishes and implements the SGO Breast Cancer Fellowship pilot sites
  • Researches and obtains funding opportunities to support fellowship
  • Develops ideas for education and certification of breast cancer care
  • Remains informed of all emerging issues in breast malignancies and utilizes best method of dissemination to SGO Membership

This Committee is Recommended for Members

  • Who understand the pivotal role the gynecologic oncology community could have in granting women comprehensive breast health care, education, and multimodality evidence and outcome-based treatment of breast cancer
  • Who are interested in developing and providing education and certification in breast cancer care
  • Who are experienced in breast cancer care

Time Commitment

  • Participation in 4-6 conference calls per year
  • Spend 5-20 hours per year on various projects
  • Attendance at a face-to-face committee meeting at the Annual Meeting on Women’s Cancer