Coding Committee

Coding Committee

Provides education on the topics of medical coding and billing, physician reimbursement, and associated Medicare regulations.

Committee Responsibilities

  • Makes recommendations on coding education content and programs
  • Participates in answering coding questions submitted through SGO website
  • Participates in the annual review of the FAQs posted on SGO website
  • Assists in the development and presentation of coding webinars and lectures as requested by the chair
  • Assists in the review and development of coding information and tools found on the SGO website
  • Makes recommendations with regards to development and/or revision of CPT and/or ICD codes
  • Monitors coding and reimbursement regulations pertinent to the SGO membership

This Committee is Recommended for Members

  • Who have an interest in CPT coding or who have specific expertise related to CPT coding

Time Commitment

  • Serve as resource on a rotating basis to SGO staff for coding questions submitted via email
  • Time commitment varies but is generally 1-2 hours per quarter. Able to dedicate approximately 1-2 hours annually for the review of the FAQs
  • Participation in approximately one conference call per year and one committee meeting per year. The committee meeting will be held at the Annual Meeting on Women’s Cancer or through a scheduled conference call.
  • Attend at least one coding webinar or live coding presentation and develop a functioning expertise in CPT and ICD-9 coding