SGO and FWC Communications & Awareness Committee

SGO and FWC Communications & Awareness Committee

Develops monitors and evaluates SGO public relations, media relations, advocacy efforts and member communications programs and projects. Creates awareness of the role of the gynecologic oncology subspecialty in the prevention and treatment of women’s cancers through communications vehicles aimed at both lay and professional audiences.

Committee Responsibilities

  • Remains informed of all emerging issues in Gynecologic Oncology and suggests issues to address to members, media and public
  • Develops and approves Lay Position Statements and promotes SGO Clinical Practice Statements and other Society and Foundation work as appropriate
  • Develops and reviews materials for the committee’s Annual Meeting Media Relations campaign
  • Serve as a media spokespersons when approached by consumer/trade news outlets and able to respond to specific requests in a timely manner, depending on reporter deadlines
  • Evaluates and provides strategic input on various ways SGO can implement social media vehicles to enhance the Society and Foundations online presence
  • Reviews NRG Oncology abstracts and provides feedback regarding possible promotion to SGO members and the public

This Committee Is Recommended for Members

  • Have interest in promoting the Society and Foundation through multiple communication vehicles and willing to serve as a media spokesperson for the Society via interviews, news stories, advocacy efforts
  • Have interest in contributing to and reviewing clinical statements (and other communication documents) that are distributed on behalf of the Society

Time Commitment

  • Attendance at a face-to-face meeting at the Annual Meeting on Women’s Cancer
  • Participation in one full committee conference call and 3-4 working group conference calls or as necessary each year
  • Participation on various volunteer work group assignments as necessary