RN Task Force: Development of Nursing Role Document

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RN Task Force: Development of Nursing Role Document

The SGO Allied Health Network is seeking registered nurses to participate on a task force to identify and define staffing models for the utilization of registered nurses in an array of gynecologic oncology settings.

The major outcome of this project is to support new nurses joining the gynecologic oncology service and to ensure that they are set up for success through attentive and thorough onboarding and triage training. By contributing to this effort, you will play a role in helping gynecologic nursing services work more efficiently and gain better outcomes for the quality of patient and staff communications.

Task force members must be registered nurses working within gynecologic oncology whether surgical, medical oncology, radiation oncology, patient education, research, clinical trials or other. This project is part of SGO’s Allied Health Workforce Optimization effort to educate other multidisciplinary team members to the qualifications, training and competencies of Allied Health members.

If you are interested in volunteering or if you have questions about this opportunity, email membership@sgo.org or call the SGO membership staff at 312-235-4060.