Quality and Outcomes Committee

Quality and Outcomes Committee

Promotes quality outcomes research in gynecologic malignancies, assumes a leadership role in defining indicators of quality gynecologic oncology care, and fosters the development of tools and expertise to advance the delivery of high quality gynecologic oncology care to women. Positions SGO to become involved in competitive research grants and establishes quality metrics.

Subcommittees/Work Groups

Outcomes Research

  • NCDB Ovarian Cancer Project
  • NCDB Endometrial Cancer Project

Registry and Quality Measures Development

  • Ovarian Cancer
  • Endometrial Cancer
  • Cervical Cancer
  • Quality Information & Awareness

Committee Responsibilities

  • Identifies potential areas for improvement in efficiencies of care in gynecology oncology
  • Develops quality measures for the subspecialty of gynecology oncology
  • Implements developed measures into a reliable registry/database to be collected on and validated accurately
  • Keeps informed of all emerging quality and outcomes issues in Gynecologic Oncology
  • Collaborates with fellow organizations to learn more/exchange ideas about improving the quality of women’s health care
  • Participates in various appropriate roundtable discussions concerning issues in the quality of care for women with gynecologic malignancies

This Committee is Recommended for Members who are

  • Driven to improve the practice of gynecologic oncology care by increasing awareness of outcomes data and applying this knowledge into practice
  • Experienced/interested in developing outcomes measures
  • Experienced/interested in Comparative Effective Research
  • Interested in collaborating with fellow organizations in the oncology community to learn/share knowledge of emerging issues in quality of care

Time Commitment

  • Participation in 4-6 full committee conference calls per year
  • Participation in 5-6 conference calls per year for specific subcommittee/work group
  • Spend 5-20 hours per year on various project development, research, etc.
  • Attendance at a face-to face committee meeting at the Annual Meeting on Women’s Cancer