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SGO Issues April 25, 2019

Member Update
Apr 25, 2019

SGO welcomes 106 new, 36 transitioning members
ABMS Approves Focused Practice Designation in Minimally Invasive Gynecologic Surgery
2019 SGO Awards presented at Annual Meeting
Cervical Cancer focus in April 2019 Gynecologic Oncology
Key submission deadlines announced for 2020 SGO Annual Meeting
Responses needed for survey on patient-reported outcomes

SGO welcomes 32 new, 52 transitioning members

From October 2018 through March 2019, 106 new members joined the Society of Gynecologic Oncology and an additional 36 members transitioned to the next membership level. SGO congratulates the following new and transitioning members:

New Full Members
Sudha Amarnath, MD
Mazin Baazeem, MD
Albert James Bonebreak, MD
Robyn Comeau, MD
Miheala Cristea, MD
Kathleen M. Darcy, PhD
Ajay Dubey, MD
Nicole Eiseler, MD
Michael Friedrich, MD, PhD
Gabrielle Gossner, MD
Ying Huang, MD
Stephanie Lheureux, MD, PhD
Natacha Phoolcharoen, MD
Yakir Segev, MD
Mark John Stevens, MBBS, MMed
Danielle Vicus, MDTransitioning Full Members
Mohammed Ashraf, MD
Christopher Breed, MD
Jennifer Brown, MD
Alexandre Buckley de Mertens, MD
Evelyn Cantillo, MD, MPH
Amy Carroll, MD
Marcia Ciccone, MD
R. Shae Connor, MD
Maria de Leon, MD
Troy Anthony Gatcliffe, MD
Mira Hellmann, MD
Kayo Inoue, MD
Christina Lynne Kushnir, MD, MPH
Beverly Long, MD
Jovana Martin, MD
Cara Mathews, MD
Kathryn Maurer, MD
Megan McDonald, MD
Samar Nahas, MD
Robert Neff, MD
Matthew T. Oliver, MD
Radha Rani Padhy, MD
Lavanya H. Palavalli Parsons, MD
Anna M. Priebe, MD
Brooke Schlappe, MD
Eric Schroeder, MD
Amanda Shepherd, MD
Erica Takimoto, MD
Jennifer Veneris, MD

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