SGO Issues Dec 15, 2016


SGO Issues Dec. 15, 2016

Attendees invited to take ‘wellness path’ through Annual Meeting
SGO welcomes 27 new, 38 transitioning members
All In: Join the effort to end women’s cancer
Lynch syndrome articles in December 2016 Gynecologic Oncology

Attendees invited to take ‘wellness path’ through Annual Meeting

the-energy-project_wordpresHealth care practitioner wellness will take center stage at the 2017 SGO Annual Meeting on March 12-15, in National Harbor, MD, where the offerings for mind-body rejuvenation and work-life balance have been expanded to include Fitbit challenges, yoga sessions, a Fun Run and a personalized “Energy Audit” in addition to presentations on this topic throughout the meeting.

“In the past what we’ve done is put together a session directly related to techniques for resiliency, to deal with the ‘craziness’ of our everyday lives,” said David Kushner, MD, co-chair of the SGO Wellness Taskforce. “This year is the first year we’ve taken on wellness comprehensively; we’re looking at it more as a wellness path throughout the whole meeting.”

Dr. Kushner explained that multi-day conferences like the Annual Meeting usually have attendees running around at a frantic pace gaining plenty of valuable education and networking, but often at the expense of sleep and healthy eating. He noted that the morning yoga sessions, massage chairs in the Exhibit Hall’s Wellness Zone, and even healthier food options will help ensure that SGO members stay on the path to wellness throughout the four-day event.

Dr. Kushner also credits SGO President Jeffrey M. Fowler, MD, for bringing wellness to the forefront during his tenure as SGO president. His Presidential Address, as well as featured speakers David Silverman of the McChrystal Group; ABOG Lecturer Tait D. Shanafelt, MD, a leading researcher on burnout and wellness at the Mayo Clinic; and Katherine Bailey of the Energy Project, will demonstrate that.

“These are going to be very impactful lectures and sessions,” said Dr. Kushner. “The central piece will be the Energy Project presentation, where we will be allowed to assess our own wellness and handle challenges in an organized fashion. This will not only help ourselves but help our patients and our loves ones at home.”

Moving forward beyond the 2017 SGO Annual Meeting, members of the Wellness Taskforce would like to see this topic remain top of mind for SGO members.

“Our hope is that SGO members realize you can’t really go back after such a central issue is brought to the forefront. Once people understand and see the personal benefits of wellness, why would they want to ignore it in the future,” said Dr. Kushner. “If we’re not healthy ourselves, we cannot continue our mission of providing the highest quality care to women with cancer.”

SGO welcomes 27 new, 38 transitioning members

Since September, 27 new members joined the Society of Gynecologic Oncology and another 38 members transitioned to the next membership level. SGO congratulates the following new and transitioning members:

Transitioning Full Members
Leslie Bradford, MD
Rebecca Ann Brooks, MD
Heidi E. Godoy, MD
Amy Hakim, MD
Yevgeniya Ioffe, MD
Sharmilee Korets, MD
Nathalie Dauphin McKenzie, MD
Kellie Rath, MD

Transitioning Candidate Members
William Baker, MD
Rachel M. Brightwell, MD
Stephen Bush, MD
Brittany Davidson, MD
Jennifer Ducie, MD
Tracilyn Hall, MD
Amanika Kumar, MD
Elizabeth Lokich, MD
Dustin B. Manders, MD
Jenna Z. Marcus, MD
Erin E. Medlin, MD
Brandy Michaels, MD
Jessica A. Thomes Pepin, MD
Jose Alejandro Rauh-Hain, MD
Elise J. Simons, MD
Jessica Stine, MD
Gina Westhoff, MD

Transitioning Fellow-in-Training Members
Hui Chen, MD
Anthony Brandon Costales, MD
Claire Hoppenot, MD
Priyanka Kamath, MD
Ismail Mert, MD
Christopher B. Morse, MD
Andrea Smiens O’Shea, MD
Stuart Pierce, MD
Malcolm Strachan Ross, MD
Christopher M. Tarney, MD
Juliet Wolford, MD
Shih-Ern Yao, MD

Transitioning Senior Member
Christopher Jolles, MD

New Full Members
Karen Cadoo, MD
Roisin O’Cearbhaill, MD

New Allied Members
Styble Cretzmeyer, MSN
Rachel Frankenthal
Nora M. Lersch
Sara Perry, APRN
Dawanda R. Pesicka
Magdalena Ramirez

New Fellow-in-Training Members
Deanna Gerber, MD
Ganim Khatib, MD
Lavanya H. Palavalli Parsons, MD
Lily Proctor, MD
Jerlinda G.C. Ross, MD
Roberto J. Vargas, MD

New Resident/Student Members
Stephanie R. DeJong, MD
Elizabeth Friedman, MD
Ricardo A. Gomez Martinez, MD
Jennifer C. Gordon, MD
Justin W. Gorski, MD
Laura J. Hampel, MD
Emily M. Hinchcliff, MD
Megan Gleason Hutchcraft, MD
Kathryn Kennedy, MD
Michelle Lightfoot, MD
C. Michele Markey, MD
Barenya Mukerji, MD
Ekaterina Tchmoutina, MD

All In: Join the effort to end women’s cancer

Why is Society of Gynecologic Oncology member Lauren Prescott, MD, All In to end women’s cancer? This new development campaign supports numerous avenues to promote gynecologic cancer research and awareness. Watch this video to learn more.

Lynch syndrome articles in December 2016 Gynecologic Oncology

Cost-effectiveness of routine screening for Lynch syndrome in endometrial cancer patients up to 70 years of age
Anne Goverde, Manon CW Spaander, Helena C van Doorn, Hendrikus J Dubbink, Ans MW van den Ouweland, Carli M Tops, Sjarlot G Kooi, Judith de Waard, Robert F Hoedemaeker, Marco J Bruno, Robert MW Hofstra, Esther W de Bekker-Grob, Winand NM Dinjens, Ewout W Steyerberg, Anja Wagner, on behalf of the LIMO study group

Towards value-based universal Lynch syndrome identification in endometrial cancer patients
Joseph A. Dottino, Karen H. Lu