SGO Issues Mar 10, 2016


SGO Issues March 10, 2016

All Good Things…

BCapture_Mary_Eikeny Mary C. Eiken, MS, RN

As my time at SGO winds down, I wanted to send a message to express by sincere gratitude to have been your Executive Director for almost 12 years. My experience at SGO has allowed me to grow in more ways than I could imagine when I first signed on in 2004. Maybe it was a good thing then that I didn’t fully know what I was signing up for!

Like all of you, so much of the success I have felt these past few years is attributed to the people I have been fortunate to surround myself with. First and foremost, a staff that is second to no other in the industry and a pool of volunteer leaders that are so committed to the SGO and the Foundation. The combination has and will continue to be the root of future success.

As we all prepare for San Diego, I find myself starting to reflect on one of my most memorable experiences: the Annual Meeting on Women’s Cancer. The volunteer and staff commitment it takes to pull it all together is mind-boggling. Of course, you come for the science and that takes precedence. So much also happens behind the scenes—committee meetings, social events, the Exhibit Hall, and more. Thank you for continuing to attend the meeting, share your ideas, report your ground-breaking science, and make the SGO Annual Meeting the very best it can be.

I hope all of you have seen a transformation in SGO during my time here. This transformation will not end with my departure; only make room for even more to come. I look forward to seeing you in San Diego. Please reach out to me so I can say farewell, if I don’t find you first!