Industry Corporate Council

Industry Corporate Council

We’re on the Path to Eradicate Women’s Cancer

Since its founding in 1969, the Society of Gynecologic Oncology (SGO) and its collaborative membership have been on a single pathway – to eradicate women’s cancer. SGO’s industry partners have supported this very same mission to more effectively treat and eliminate these cancers that can devastate the lives of women and their families. We alone cannot address these challenges faced in the treatment and prevention of women’s cancer. SGO welcomes the collaborative thinking of our industry partners in order to eliminate these diseases during our lifetime.

SGO Industry Corporate Council

Comprised of select leaders in the pharmaceutical and device industry, the SGO Industry Corporate Council is a means for SGO leaders and its industry partners to focus on issues and initiatives of mutual concern in gynecologic cancers.

The SGO Industry Corporate Council:

  • Serves as a forum for regular and direct communication between SGO leaders and key industry partners.
  • Keeps SGO members apprised of important industry trends that directly impact patient care.
  • Fosters partnerships and collaborations between the Society and industry in support of SGO’s mission to eradicate women’s cancers.
  • Encourages the exchange of new preventive and treatment methodology, and research needed to meet our ultimate goal.

As a part of this elite group, Industry Corporate Council Members have:

  • Exclusive access to and knowledge of SGO’s current endeavors and plans for the future.
  • Increased exposure and visibility to the complete women’s cancer care team of professionals.
  • Enhanced access to SGO’s leaders in private practice and those in major academic and research institutions.
  • A consistent, reliable forum to meet and discuss issues that relate to the importance of the profession, women’s cancer care and the industry that provides vital treatment and prevention tools.
  • Regular, specific correspondence about SGO activities and initiatives relevant to your business and to our profession.

Industry Corporate Council members will benefit from this increased exposure and visibility. Your membership will allow SGO to continue its work that has delivered immediate and significant impact on women’s cancer care. The one-year membership, renewed annually, is $50,000. Together we can take the next step to ensure this subspecialty continues to offer women here, and across the globe, the very best in treatment and quality of care.

SGO Industry Corporate Council Benefits of Membership

  • Meaningful opportunities for providing and sharing advice and input of mutual concern in gynecologic oncology
  • Two to three representatives to serve on the Industry Corporate Council – an elite group of industry partners and SGO members who meet to discuss key issues facing the subspecialty two times a year. Topics may include:
    – State of Gynecologic Oncology
    – Health Care Reform
    – Opportunities and Threats to the Subspecialty
    – State of Clinical Trials
  • Industry Corporate Council meeting report – including summary of attendees’ contact information, topics discussed and meeting collateral

Additional Membership Opportunities

  • Special recognition on the SGO website, promoting participation on the SGO Industry Corporate Council
  • Logo placement and hyperlink on SGO website

Annual Meeting on Women’s Cancer

  • Booth Signage recognizing ICC membership at the SGO Annual Meeting
  • Donor Ribbons for all booth staff recognizing your membership in the SGO Industry Corporate Council
  • Inclusion in SGO Annual Meeting Final Program book
  • Corporate logo on SGO Partner Wall at SGO Annual Meeting