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SGO On the Go

The SGO On the Go podcast provides concise, portable education content for busy clinicians. Episodes are brief discussions—in 30 minutes or less—regarding clinical practice, advances in research, and other compelling topics relevant to gynecologic oncology.


Podcast episodes with the most downloads to date include:


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Gynecologic Oncology

This podcast features new information and emerging topics that are published as our Editor’s Choice article in the journal. The podcasts are hosted by one of the Journal’s editors and include conversations with the authors of the Editor’s choice article, along with the author of the featured commentary/editorial that accompanies the lead article.


Recent episodes include:

  • Is now the time to begin thromboprophylaxis for all patients with advanced ovarian cancer, including those undergoing neoadjuvant chemotherapy?
  • What is your center doing to improve genetic testing following abnormal MMR results in endometrial cancer?
  • The evolution of patient-centered endometrial cancer detection: testing tompon-based collection for methylated DNA markers

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