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Running a practice or care team is a continual balance between meeting today’s needs while reaching tomorrow’s goals. There are logistical, technological and even personal stress impacting gynecologic cancer care teams. Taking care of your practice requires constant work—the Society of Gynecologic Oncology (SGO) is here to help.

As a member-led organization, we know what it takes to keep your practice and career moving forward. View our practice management tools to manage today’s needs and build for the future of the gynecologic oncology subspecialty.

Wellness Practices

This is a field that is as stressful as it is rewarding, and as filled with demands as it is with hope. Your entire team knows that lives depend on them, and the complexity of the problems you are all solving are complex.

The SGO Wellness Task Force was assembled to prevent burnout and help your team achieve more satisfaction and personal wellness.

For your team. For yourself. For your patients.


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Statements and Recommendations

There are always new developments, policies, technologies and ethical considerations. SGO statements and recommendations are written by a multidisciplinary team of your peers in research, practice, academia and more to respond to these new developments and work toward guiding us all forward.

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Coding Tools

New technologies and regulations mean new possibilities for patient care…but also more potential logistical pitfalls. Our coding tools are a resource to help you understand the complex world of coding. This involves:

  • Explorations of the latest tech, including telehealth
  • Common surgical procedures
  • Medicare Global Surgery Modifiers
  • Patient assessment forms
  • SGO ConnectEd webinars

Paperwork isn’t why you got into this field. We’ll help you stay organized so you can focus on the patient.

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