09  Jan  14 erin-stevens category Erin Stevens

Are We Measuring Correctly? | Erin Stevens, MD

Metrics are becoming very important in the treatment of cancer. As physicians, we want to know that all patients are being given the correct treatments for their disease. We can measure this by using databases and codes. Nationwide, we use these metrics as a way to tell us how far we have to go get all patients to receive the standard of care. We also have metrics on end of life care and things we should avoid with our cancer patients, including hospital admissions and chemotherapy in the last two weeks of life. But sometimes numbers do not tell the whole story.
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17  Jan  13 eijean-wu category Eijean Wu

Wound Healing | Eijean Wu, MD, MPP

Maria was one of my luckier patients, someone with a solid support system and safe home. She came into the hospital for a relatively small surgery. Her concerned family drilled me with questions.

“How is her wound?”
“It’s looking pink and clean, just like it should.”

“Is abuelita in pain?”
“I think the morphine is helping. Her face is peaceful.”

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