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Make your voice heard in Washington: #Trials4GynCancerNow

During the Annual Meeting, you can take several steps to raise awareness of the crisis in gynecologic oncology clinical trials. Please join us for this important campaign and take the following actions during the Annual Meeting.

  • On Monday, March 13, attendees will be asked to tweet President Trump: “Women with #gyncancer deserve progress. Fund trials now @realDonaldTrump #Trials4GynCancerNOW @sgo_org.”
  • Visit the SGO Booth and take your photo with the hashtag poster. Tweet your photo with the above message and get entered to win a free registration to the 2018 Annual Meeting on Women’s Cancer in New Orleans.
  • Also at the booth, go to the iPads and click on the Washington Alert icon to send a message to your elected officials in the U.S. House of Representatives and U.S. Senate.
  • Can’t make it to the booth? Go to the SGO website and look for Policy/Washington Alert to send your message to federal elected leaders.
  • New to social media? See the Social Media section of the SGO website for a primer, policy, procedures and popular hashtags.


27  Jun  13 erin-stevens category Erin Stevens

Of Mice and Men: The Language of Medicine | Erin Stevens, MD

My third year of fellowship is my research year. Whereas I long to go back to the clinical service and talk to patients, my current patients are mice. My mice are housed on the ninth floor of the basic science building in the Department of Laboratory Animal Research, or DLAR. Over two months ago, I gave a small cohort of them ovarian cancer. I go every day to weigh them and see if they’re growing tumors. So far, it has worked in about half of them – suffice it to say I’m definitely better cut out for the clinical side of gynecologic oncology. Due to construction, the direct elevators to the DLAR have been out of service for months. You either have to take the stairs up nine flights or cut through the construction site. I usually choose the latter.
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17  Apr  13 erin-stevens category Erin Stevens

Being a Fellow in the Era of Facebook | Erin Stevens, MD

“I’m not the smartest fellow in the world, but I can sure pick smart colleagues.” 

-Franklin D. Roosevelt

It all started on the interview trail.  Someone started a Facebook group to keep everyone in touch though the interview process.  Who was going to be at what interview, sharing hotel rooms, all the while quietly calculating where you think you fit in the grand scheme of things.

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15  Feb  13 erin-stevens category Erin Stevens

A Letter to My Patients: Promises Part 2 | Erin Stevens, MD

This is Part 2 of an excerpt of a speech I gave at the Stony Brook University Hospital’s Gynecologic Oncology Candlelight Ceremony in September 2012.

I promise to remember who my patients are. My patients are women, just like myself. And women spend most of their lives nurturing those around them, putting others first. This makes cancer a very humbling disease. Being diagnosed with cancer means reaching out to others nurturing while you are putting yourself first. It is a time when you must be at least a little selfish, which is extraordinarily difficult for most women.

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11  Jan  13 erin-stevens category Erin Stevens

A Letter to My Patients: Promises Part 1 | Erin Stevens, MD

This is Part 1 of an excerpt of a speech I gave at the Stony Brook University Hospital’s Gynecologic Oncology Candlelight Ceremony in September 2012.

Sure, I’m only a fellow.  But what that means to me is that I am part of the future of the field of gynecologic oncology.  I was one of the 43 people that was chosen my year to be a gyn onc fellow.  I have hopes and dreams for what my career will be like.  But mostly, what I have now are some promises.

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Gynecologic Oncology March 2020: Volume 156, Issue 3

Editor’s Choice: Simultaneous germline and somatic sequencing in ovarian carcinoma: mutation rate and impact on clinical decision-making
Soledad Jorge, Andrew S. McFaddin, Kemi M. Doll, Kathryn P. Pennington, Barbara M. Norquist, Robin L. Bennett

Article in Press: Managing opioid use in the acute surgical setting: A society of gynecologic oncology clinical practice statement
Christine H. Kim, Carolyn Lefkowits, Christine Holschneider, Kristin Bixel, Bhavana Pothuri

March 24, 2020: Present and Future Impact of COVID-19 on the Practice and Delivery of Gynecologic Oncology Care

SGO President Warner K. Huh, MD, hosts a 30-minute podcast featuring Elizabeth M. Swisher, MD, Division Director and Professor of Gynecologic Oncology at the University of Washington in Seattle, who shares her experience being at the initial epicenter of the U.S. COVID-19 outbreak.

Listen Now

SGO gratefully acknowledges Elsevier, the publisher of Gynecologic Oncology, and Beth Y. Karlan, MD, the journal’s editor-in-chief, for the production of this special topics podcast. This podcast is available on the Gynecologic Oncology website and can also be listened to via iTunes, Google Play or Spotify.

Corresponding Resource
Basic Advice When Dealing With COVID-19: A letter from Elizabeth M. Swisher, MD, Heidi J. Gray, MD, and Renata R. Urban, MD, at the University of Washington in Seattle.

Gynecologic Oncology journals Podcast Series

This series of monthly podcasts will feature new information and emerging topics that are published as our Editor’s Choice article in the journal. The podcasts will be hosted by one of the Journal’s editors and include a conversation with the author of the Editor’s choice article along with the author of the featured commentary/editorial that accompanies the lead article.

November 2019 Editor’s Choice
Survival of endometrial cancer patients following lymphadenectomy or sentinel node procedure

Inaugural Gynecologic Oncology Podcast
When to stop hCG surveillance following chemotherapy for gestational trophoblastic neoplasia

June 2019, Volume 154, Supplement 1, p1-288

Abstract Supplement: Abstracts Presented for the 50th Annual Meeting of the Society of Gynecologic Oncology March 16-19, 2019, Honolulu, HI
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February 2020 Gynecologic Oncology Reports

Widespread choriocarcinoma metastases from de-differentiated gastro-esophageal junction primary adenocarcinoma: A case report with literature review
Evan Schrader, Amanda J. Stephens, Seema Shroff, Sarfraz Ahmad, Robert W. Holloway

Invasive endometrial adenocarcinoma and missed abortion: A case report
Nicole B. Gaulin, Lakshmi Harinath, Sharon Liang, Thomas C. Krivak, Eirwen M. Miller

A challenging case of twin pregnancy with complete hydatidiform mole and co-existing normal live fetus – A case report and review of the literature
L.B. Lipi, L. Philp, A.K. Goodman