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Advanced Practice Provider Committee Launches New Endometrial Cancer Module | Evonne M. Kandas, MS, WHCNP/FNP-BC

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Jun 2, 2021

Evonne M. Kandas, MS, WHCNP/FNP-BC

The Advanced Practice Provider (APP) committee is excited to launch its new Endometrial Cancer Module in collaboration with the launch of the new SGO ConnectEd site. This resource is the first in a series of educational tools designed to assist in training APPs and allied health professionals who are new to gynecologic oncology. The module provides an overview of endometrial cancer with emphasis on specific topics including patient risk factors; work-up and diagnosis; staging; histology; surgery; chemotherapy and radiation therapy; treatment side effects and management; genetics; surveillance and survivorship. Uterine sarcoma is also highlighted as a specialty population. In addition, there are several resources within the module that provide the most up-to-date information, including video links that offer further details surrounding endometrial biopsy technique, surgical staging, and vaginal brachytherapy, as well as a thorough supplemental video presentation on endometrial cancer.

The endometrial cancer module may be used as a complement to the APP Onboarding Tool, both of which are available on ConnectEd. In addition, this module may be utilized as a reference for experienced APPs to conveniently access updates on endometrial cancer.

The educational series has been a project that the APP committee has been working on since last year. This series, which offers continuing medical education hours, is being developed to create the building blocks for a structured educational program and a resource for APPs and other allied health staff members within a gyn/oncology practice. The intent is to include a module on each of the gynecologic cancers along with modules on other important and useful topics to produce a comprehensive educational resource for APP members in SGO. The modules will be reviewed regularly by the APP committee in order to maintain current information on each of the topics. The committee is currently working on the next two themes for this series: one on cervical cancer and another with a genetics overview. It is anticipated that both of these modules will be available to members by the end of the year.


Evonne M. Kandas, MS, WHCNP/FNP-BC, is a nurse practitioner with the Legacy Medical Group in Portland, OR.