MySGO Communities


The online community MySGO enables SGO members to share resources, engage in discussion boards, offer insight to peers, and make new connections. MySGO fosters a feeling of collectiveness that makes the online community a sought after resource for SGO members.

Virtual Tumor Board

A popular discussion board on MySGO is the Virtual Tumor Board. Over 300 member-generated tumor cases and counting have been posted and discussed, giving SGO members a forum to collaborate with peers on how to move forward with complex patient cases.

“The SGO tumor board is a fantastic resource! I only wish I had discovered it earlier. For those of us in solo practice, it’s like being surrounded by a team of experts, peers and really smart fellows.” states Dr. Holly Gallion of Pikeville Medical Center.

Additional Community Groups:

  • International Network
  • Health Volunteers Overseas (HVO) Network
  • Laparoscopic and Robotic Surgery Discussion Board
  • Palliative Care Network
  • Small Question Study Group

Private Networks

Private networks have been established for the needs of SGO’s multidisciplinary membership. Nurses, nurse practitioners and physician assistants participate in the Advanced Practice Provider – Nurse Clinician Network to discuss matters specific to their needs.

The Early Career Network was created for medical students, residents and fellows-in-training to share information and pose questions that others are likely to have encountered. Candidates participate in the Candidate Member Network to support their needs as they work to prepare for the oral and written boards.

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