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The Society of Gynecologic Oncology’s Mission for diversity, inclusion, and health equity (DI&HE) is to foster greater diversity, equity, inclusion and accountability within the SGO, Foundation for Women’s Cancer (FWC) and the larger health care community to improve health outcomes for all patients led by the DIHE committee. Read our goals and strategies in depth by downloading the PDF, or get a summary below.


Goals and Strategies

Attract, diversify and develop future generations of health care professionals and stakeholders who treat and care for gynecologic cancer patients.

SGO will accomplish this goal by developing new policies and curricula, providing implicit bias training to the Board and mentoring to SGO members, amplifying member voices and exploring a rebrand for corporate and event names to be more inclusive.


Increase diversity within membership, volunteer leadership roles and staff.

SGO will accomplish this goal by integrating the DI&HE policy to the hiring, Board election and committee appointment processes; provide resources for education, awareness, collaboration and career development that promotes diversity of thought and creates connections between diverse groups; and monitoring and upholding anti-harassment and anti-discrimination policies.


Identify and support research and education aimed at improving health outcomes for diverse patient populations.

SGO will accomplish this goal by work to eliminate inequities in women’s and transgender/gender non-conforming patient care; promoting antiracist publications, platforms and research; coordinate with and amplify advocacy organizations and members supporting communities of color; provide and share education and resources dedicated to improving care of diverse patient populations, uplifting diverse voices in gynecologic oncology and giving patients access to clinical trials and increasing trust and involvement from diverse populations.


Let your voice be heard!

We’re seeking submissions for the DI&HE column of SGO Issues, SGO’s bi-weekly e-newsletter. The diverse voices of the SGO community are highlighted through first-person articles using 500 – 700 words. You can get a recap of the column or read past articles below to see what kind of content has been published so far.

We’d be honored if you’d consider sharing your story, and if you’re interested, fill out our sign up form!

Diversity, Inclusion, and Health Equity Blog

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