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SGO Program Director’s Network 2021 common deadline/application dates

The Society of Gynecologic Oncology (SGO) Program Directors (PD) Network seeks to improve coordination of the interview scheduling process by having common dates for application deadlines and interview invites. To accomplish this, the Program Director’s Network will continue to set two common dates for a) application deadlines and b) first mailing of interview invites. This should help residents’ coordinate time off, improve planning for absences in their home program and decrease personal travel expenses.

Common Dates

Monday, April 5, 2021: Fellowship application deadline
Monday, April 26 , 2021: Invitation to interview sent out to applicants


The SGO Program Directors Network has adopted a standard policy that Gynecologic Oncology Fellowship programs will not contact applicants to gauge interest or to discuss rank post interview. The PD Network encourages programs to let applicants know about the PD Network recommendation and to set the expectation that applicants will not be contacted by the program. 

Standard Letter of Evaluation

Some programs may be asking fellowship applicants to submit a Standard Letter of Evaluation (SLOE) with their application to gynecologic oncology fellowship.  Use of the SLOE by programs in their recruitment process is voluntary.

eLearning for the Real World

Our eLearning portal, SGO ConnectEd, is a peer-reviewed, comprehensive platform featuring films, webinars, video recordings and more. Accessible from any device, it’s your way to connect, collaborate, educate and learn.



Resources for Fellowship Directors, Fellows and Residents

Feb 1, 2021

Gynecologic Oncology Standard Letter of Recommendation

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Jun 5, 2020

The Match, National Resident Matching Program

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Jun 5, 2020

AMA GME Competency Education Program

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Apr 7, 2020

Educating Your Trainee During the COVID-19 Pandemic

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Apr 1, 2020


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Mar 19, 2020

Online interview tips for fellows and residents

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Mar 1, 2020

CDC Tips for Managing Stress and Anxiety

Type: Website
Type: CoronavirusWellness
Aug 6, 2012

SGO Gynecologic Oncology Core Lecture Series

Type: Webinar
Type: FellowsResidentTrainee

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