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Empowering Survivors, Patients, and Caregivers To Get Information, Find Resources, and Take Action

We’re all in this fight together.

At SGO, our mission is to serve patients with gynecologic cancer and work to eradicate the disease in the future. We want patients, survivors and caregivers to be part of that mission. Our educational resources and tools provide crucial information for your progress. Our programs help you connect.

Let’s teach each other. Let’s learn from each other. Let’s inspire each other. Let’s build work toward a cure, together.

Seek a Specialist

The SGO Seek a Specialist includes actively practicing specialists in all professions related to gynecologic cancer. This includes practitioners in the United States and around the world: vetted, accredited, and trained.

The Foundation for Women’s Cancer: Your Ally Every Step of the Way

The Foundation for Women’s Cancer is the official foundation of SGO. It’s a source of information, education, and material for patients, families, caregivers, and survivors, as well as the entire oncology team. It’s where you can find connections with the entire world of oncology, professionals and everyday people.

The FWC is a home for training patient advocates, promoting clinical trials, raising money to fund research and outreach.

The FWC gives us the tools we need to get through today and change tomorrow.

Visit the Foundation for Women’s Cancer

Join the SGO and Become a Patient Advocate

Patient members and advocates are a vital part of SGO. You connect with other patients and survivors, promote scholarships, and have access to all our educational materials. Advocates work on lobbying, fundraising, and research to change the future of gynecologic cancer.

Members and advocates:

  • Attend meetings
  • Learn from experts
  • Learn how to influence officials
  • Access journals, webinars, and more
  • Share information with other survivors
  • Inspire, challenge, and grow

We think all patients and survivors are part of the team. We hope you’ll join us as an advocate.


“You don’t need a science background. You’re a survivor. You have what you need to do more than put your name on something. You’re doing something important. We’re in this together.”

–Annie Ellis, Patient Advocate

What is a Gynecologic Oncologist?

Your first question might be what it is your oncologist does, and what they’ll be doing to help you or your loved one through this. In short: they lead a team committed to you. We encourage you to learn more, and ask more, about how you’ll be working together moving forward.

Learn more about what a Gynecologic Oncologist does


Information About Gynecologic Cancers

It’s a word we all dread, but information makes it less scary. We’ve compiled information for everyone touched by gynecologic cancers so that patients, caregivers, and survivors know what is happening, and what comes next. This includes information about:

  • Risk factors
  • Symptoms
  • Your first appointment
  • Diagnostic tests
  • Stages
  • Treatment options
  • Post-treatment
  • More information

Keep this information close. Use it to learn more and ask more questions. SGO is here to support you as you support each other.

Types of Gynecologic Cancer

Find information about the type of cancer we’re working to end.

Moving Forward

Clinical Trials and Survivorship Toolkits

SGO is here to give you the support you need during and after cancer. You might be eligible to a clinical trial, where you can receive treatment that could be used to help you and other women moving forward.

Our Survivorship Toolkit provides convenient resources to help you organize information about your diagnosis, treatment, and long-term follow-up.

This is how we move forward, together.

View Clinical Trial Resources

See the SGO Survivorship Toolkit


Share helpful resources with your patients

The Foundation for Women’s Cancer (FWC), the official foundation of SGO, has produced great resources for your patients and their families in collaboration with SGO members. Visit the FWC website to download, print or order patient-focused educational materials.