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Voices: SGO Obesity Toolkit can empower patients

Apr 17, 2014

SGO Obesity Toolkit can empower patients | Lauren S. Prescott, MD

In 1997, the World Health Organization formally recognized obesity as a global epidemic. Seventeen years later, we are still facing alarming increases in obesity. As a resident in obstetrics and gynecology and now a fellow in gynecologic oncology, I have struggled to adequately address obesity and weight management with many of my patients.
Lauren-PrescottEnabling patients to make meaningful changes to their lifestyle is an issue that most providers face on a daily basis. For these reasons I was thrilled when the SGO chose to address obesity as part a multi-year prevention campaign.

The annual meeting in Tampa, Florida marked the launch of the Communications Committee’s first initiative, the Obesity Toolkit. The toolkit is a fabulous reference for patients, gynecologic oncologists, primary care providers and affiliates. It consists of a comprehensive patient handout, a communication guide for the gynecologic oncologist to facilitate discussion about weight management and an overview of obesity-related issues with a focus on cancer directed at primary care providers. The SGO obesity webpage also includes links to clinical trials of exercise, diet and nutrition for cancer patients as well as a BMI calculator.

Thanks to the SGO, we have easily accessible tools to help empower our patients to take action to prevent cancer or use their cancer diagnosis as a gateway to a healthier lifestyle. As a provider I can now give my patients a handout about losing weight and direct them to the SGO website to find out more information about clinical trials and weight loss management. This is a huge step forward in improving cancer and survivorship care for our patients.