Policy 7.14: Independence from Commercial Interests

SGO Policies and Procedures

Policy 7.14: Independence from Commercial Interests


To comply with ACCME essential elements and requirements.

1.0          Policy

1.1          In order to maintain independence, the following decisions related to SGO’s CME Program must be made free of the control of any commercial interest:

  • Identification of Continuing Education needs
  • Determination of educational objectives
  • Selection and presentation of content
  • Selection of all persons and organizations that will be in a position to control the content
  • Selection of educational methods
  • Evaluation of the activity

1.2          Additionally, SGO will make all decisions regarding the disposition and disbursement of funds received from any commercial interest.

2.0          Standards/Criteria

2.1          SGO will not accept advice or services from any commercial interest concerning teachers, authors or participants or other education matters, including content.

2.2          SGO forbids any commercial interest to provide funds, in excess of the specified educational grant, to the Activity Course Director, Expert Course Faculty or others involved with the activity (additional honoraria, extra social events, etc.)

2.3          SGO prohibits the conduct of any promotional or sales activities, including, but not limited to, presentations by sales representatives or exhibits, in the same room as the CME activity.

2.4          Product-promotion material or product-specific advertisement of any type is prohibited in or during the CME activity.

2.5          Promotional materials cannot be displayed or distributed in the education space immediately before, during or after a CME activity.

3.0          Operational Procedure

3.1          A representative of the commercial interest as well as the SGO Executive Director will be required to review and sign SGO’s Letter of Agreement.

3.2          No financial transaction will be accepted or processed until a signed Letter of Agreement is received.

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