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SGO Journal Club - Controversial Topics in Gyn Cancer: The Times, They Are A-Changing – Updates in Cervical Cancer Therapies

Dec 13, 2021 7:00 pm - 8:15 pm

The treatment of recurrent or metastatic cervical cancer remains challenging due to low efficacy of most chemotherapy agents. The recent FDA approval of pembrolizumab and tisotumab have broadened the therapeutic options available to our patients. Our panelists will review KEYNOTE-826 to discuss the role of pembrolizumab and the inclusion of bevacizumab, as well as the combination of immunotherapy and radiation in the GOG-9929 trial. It is recommended to read the papers on these trials before attending the journal club. Register here.

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SGO is the premier source for gynecologic oncology education. Several meetings are hosted by SGO throughout the year for professional development.

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