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SGO and FWC Welcome Timothy S. Johnstone, MBA, as Interim CEO

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Sep 18, 2023

Timothy JohnstoneOn behalf of the SGO/FWC CEO Search Committee, it is with great pleasure that the Society of Gynecologic Oncology (SGO) and the Foundation for Women’s Cancer (FWC) announce the appointment of Timothy S. Johnstone, MBA, as Interim Chief Executive Officer (CEO), effective September 11, 2023. Mr. Johnstone will work collaboratively through Mr. Désy’s last day on September 30, and then serve as Interim CEO until a permanent executive is identified.

Mr. Johnstone brings to SGO and FWC vast experience driving strategic financial and organizational success for numerous organizations. Mr. Johnstone holds a Bachelor of Science in Economics from Oregon State University in Corvallis, Oregon, and a Master of Business Administration from Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri. He has served on over 20 nonprofit and for-profit boards and task forces, co-hosted over 36 episodes of the More than Healthcare podcasts, and presented at numerous educational conferences.

Most recently, Mr. Johnstone served as Interim President and CEO of the Greater Worcester Community Foundation in Worcester, MA, where he cultivated an inclusive, transparent, and dynamic organizational culture. In this role, he reorganized existing structures, managed a cross-functional team, and implemented best practices in goal-setting, performance management, and compensation. In previous positions, he has combined his people, organizational, and financial skills to boost revenue, drive consensus amongst all stakeholders, improve efficiencies, and create equitable, win-win solutions. Mr. Johnstone’s strong belief in data-driven approaches that focus on clear strategy, team building, and innovation have fostered many opportunities for success.

Prior to serving Greater Worcester Community Foundation, Mr. Johnstone was Chief Operating Officer for Ascentria Care Alliance (2016-2020); Chief Strategy Officer for Hopelink (2012-2015); and President of Johnstone Advantage Consulting Group (2006-2011). Other notable career milestones include his role as President and CEO for the Shoe Company of America, Vice President of Operations for Telzon, Inc., and Senior Vice President for JP Morgan Chase.

SGO President Angeles Alvarez Secord, MD, MHSc, observed, “Tim’s depth and breadth of experience is truly impressive. During the interview process, he clearly articulated his organizational vision and strategies to attain exceptional operational effectiveness. I am excited to work with Tim as we further refine our SGO/FWC cross-functional team infrastructure to better support our collective missions and serve the gynecologic oncology community.”

FWC Chair Ginger Gardner, MD, noted, “We are thrilled to welcome Mr. Johnstone to the SGO/FWC! Even in his first few days on-board, Tim gets right to the core of an issue with effective solutions. He is a team-player with a get-it-done capability and an engaging presence. I look forward enthusiastically for all that is ahead for our members, providers, patients and community.”

Mr. Johnstone is energized by the opportunity to contribute to advancing the work of the Society and the Foundation in his new role.

“What excites me most is the opportunity to help, in a very small way, move a critical area of medical practice forward. Having lost a sister and father to cancer, and witnessing my wife dodge a gynecologic cancer scare some years ago, has made me very grateful for the work of our brilliant, dedicated members. Helping advance and foster educational, scientific and intellectual connections amongst members is incredibly meaningful, and supporting the Foundation’s work in educating patients and advocating for health equity is a way I can pay forward what I have received.”