Clinical Trials

Clinical Trials

When new treatments for cancer are developed, they are tested through clinical trials in order to know whether they should be added to the standard treatment options offered to patients. The major advances in the treatment of gynecologic cancer have all been based on the results of clinical trials. Participation in trials allows patients access to cutting-edge treatment while helping to establish the standard of care for the next generation of women with these diseases.

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Clinical Trials Videos for Patients

“Understanding Gynecologic Cancer Clinical Trials” is a useful resource for patients who might be considering a clinical trial. This four-minute animated video explains the main phases of clinical trials, as well as the possible differences between treatment arms.

Winner of a Gold EXCEL Award in Digital Media: Video (Education) from Association Media & Publishing. Gynecologic Cancer Clinical Trials: What This Means for You,” is a video teaching tool for patients who might be interested in participating in gynecologic cancer clinical trials. This 19-minute program includes interviews with clinical trials patients describing their experiences as well as SGO member experts who debunk some of the misconceptions and myths surrounding clinical trials. This video was made possible by a generous grant from the GOG Foundation, Inc.

Video files can be made available to providers who want to play this program in their waiting rooms. Contact Robyn Kurth, SGO Senior Communications Manager, for more information.

To download the files directly files (which can be saved to your hard drive or a thumb drive) click on this Dropbox link (you may have to sign in or create a free account) and download the files. This download may take several minutes, especially for the 19-minute program:


An SGO Clinical Trials playlist on YouTube (for playback only) is available as well.

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