Gynecologic Oncology Video

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On Your Side: The Gynecologic Cancer Care Team

To emphasize the importance of having women with gynecologic malignancies treated by a cancer care team headed by a gynecologic oncologist, SGO has developed a video for patients and their loved ones. This video, “On Your Side: The Gynecologic Cancer Care Team,” describes the roles of the various team members in the diagnosis, treatment and possible prevention of gynecologic cancers.

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  1. I was diagnosed with VIN III and my regular gyno is treating me for this……….aren’t I suppose to be seen by an oncologist even though it is pre-cancer? My insurance is Kaiser in Californai and they are telling me it is not their policy to send me to oncologist if not invasive cancer. I think they are wrong. Where can I find the standard of care code so I can file a complaint against them.

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