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The Foundation for Women’s Cancer (FWC) understands the importance of bringing awareness to all gynecologic cancers—cervical, ovarian, uterine/endometrial, vaginal and vulvar cancer—and declared September as Gynecologic Cancer Awareness Month (GCAM) with a goal of reaching more and more people each year.

Your efforts this month can have a huge impact on individual lives and the community at large. SGO encourages all members to do these five things in September:

  1. Spread awareness about cervical, ovarian, uterine/endometrial, vaginal and vulvar cancer via social media using the GCAM toolkit.
  2. Print and distribute educational materials throughout your community or organization showing the signs and symptoms of gynecologic cancers.
  3. Make a donation towards FWC’s mission of supporting research, education and awareness of gynecologic cancers.
  4. List the Foundation for Women’s Cancer (FWC) as a resource on your institution’s website, so patients and their loved ones know where to go to learn more about gynecologic cancers.
  5. Send GCAM information and resources to your institution’s communications department and ask them to help spread education and awareness as well.

SGO appreciates all you do to support FWC and help end gynecologic cancers.


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Additional GCAM Resources

Additional GCAM resources, such as patient education information and social media graphics, are available on the Foundation for Women’s Cancer website.