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APP Corner: Why I Attend the SGO Annual Meeting as an APP | Kathryn Lyle, WHNP-BC, NP-C

APP Corner
Jan 20, 2021

Kathryn Lyle, WHNP-BC, NP-C

The SGO Annual Meeting has a lot to offer advanced practice providers (APP) practicing in gynecologic oncology.  As an active member within SGO and the APP Committee, I recognize the value of both the SGO Annual Meeting and the SGO Allied Health Professionals Meeting.  The SGO Allied Health Professionals Meeting is an annual meeting that offers sessions specifically geared toward the role and utilization of APPs and other allied healthcare team members in gynecologic oncology.  In contrast, the SGO Annual Meeting offers a wide variety of education as it pertains to our specialty.

There are a multitude of presentations regarding new emerging data and research within our field coupled with clinical trial outcomes.  I have attended sessions on treatment strategies, surgical approach, genetic/genomic testing, palliative care, and so forth.  There is typically a session designated specifically for APPs as well. The thing I value most about the SGO Annual Meeting is the opportunity to learn why we do what we do.  I believe that in order to be an effective and successful APP, I must first understand the evidence and reasoning behind our practice.  While APPs do not make treatment decisions in terms of what specific therapy a patient will receive, we are very heavily involved in the counseling and care of patients who are on these therapies.  It is imperative that we have the knowledge foundation to provide high quality patient care.

Another benefit of attending the Annual Meeting is the ability to network with other providers in gynecologic oncology.  Establishing a connection with our colleagues who work in various practice settings in different areas of the country and internationally allows us to have new and different perspectives on how practices can differ.  Gynecologic oncology is an ever-evolving field, which makes the SGO Annual Meeting a valuable experience for providers who wish to stay up to date on the latest evidence-based practice.  I would encourage any interested APPs to consider registering for the 2021 SGO Annual Meeting.