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FWC Recaps September with GCAM and Move4Her Success

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Sep 30, 2021

The Foundation for Women’s Cancer (FWC) in partnership with the Society of Gynecologic Oncology (SGO) recognize a banner success this past month. During Gynecologic Cancer Awareness Month (GCAM), educational resources and information for diverse audiences and across the various gynecologic cancer types and populations were provided to the patient and family community.

“On behalf of FWC, I would like to thank our SGO members for participating in a fantastic GCAM this past month,” says FWC Chair Ginger J. Gardner, MD. “Raising our collective voice about gyn cancer awareness, diversity and inclusion, as well as early detection has made a hugely positive impact for our patient community.”

The FWC social media presence has increased with many SGO members retweeting our content while providing scientific data and research to support FWC’s shared information and graphics. This created an encouraging and engaging environment this month – with information that all patients need to know about gynecologic cancers. There was also an exponential increase of followers across all FWC social media platforms.

The mission of FWC is to bring together all communities of advocates, patients, caregivers, partners and the healthcare team to eradicate and lessen the impact of gynecologic cancers.  For the past two years, the Move4Her event highlights this effort.


On Sept. 26, the virtual Move4Her event aimed to raise funds and awareness during a fun energizing fitness hour. Ebony Hoskins, MD, who served as the Move4Her emcee explains how this opportunity to spread knowledge is so crucial in the subspecialty of gynecologic oncology. “It was an honor to represent our community of gynecologic oncologists who are everyday treating gynecologic cancers,” Dr. Hoskins expresses.

The Move4Her event included 880+ registered participants from 46 states and 4 countries. Members of the cancer community, advocates, patients, healthcare professionals and sponsors all came together during the live stream and showed their support across social media. Move4Her surpassed the benchmark $250k goal and generated over $470K to support FWC’s critical mission and work.

“The incredible support from our sponsors and patient community made this year’s event a tremendous success in a fun and meaningful way in order to focus on movement, wellness, and awareness for gyn cancers. We want to encourage everyone to continue these efforts as we launch our exciting #MoveTheMessage campaign,” says Dr. Gardner.

The #MoveTheMessage campaign will aim to spread awareness, particularly on the importance of early detection, and patient resources to historically marginalized communities across the country. More information will be available soon on how SGO members can help bring this campaign and these valuable educational materials to their own institution, to their practice and their community.