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Future of Physician Payment Reform Journal Article Highlight

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Sep 1, 2021

The Future of Physician Payment Reform Subcommittee, one of SGO’s Health Policy and Socio-Economic (HPSE) subcommittees, has included an article in Gynecologic Oncology that is now available in the Sept. edition entitled, “The oncology care model and the future of alternative payment models: A gynecologic oncology perspective“.

“Alternative payment models in cancer care are here to stay, and their current design is heavily influenced by the most common cancers such as breast and lung, which has created many challenges for their application to gynecologic cancers,” says author Emeline M. Aviki, MD, MBA.

This article discusses the Oncology Care Model (OCM), and other Alternative Payment Models (APMs) which are likely to increase in the future, yet may not adequately incentivize higher-value care.

Dr. Aviki explains, “In order to make future iterations of the OCM, Medicare’s first cancer-specific APM, and other models more friendly to gynecologic cancer care, we need to evaluate the gynecologic cancer-specific reimbursement implications associated with current models and those in development. With enhanced understanding, lobbying efforts can more effectively advocate for needed modifications in next-generation APMs.”



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