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PROMOTE Study Update: Progress in Identifying Endometrial Cancer Patients Concerns and Symptoms

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Nov 14, 2023

In February 2023, the SGO launched a new study called PROMOTE (Patient-Reported Outcomes Measurement Opportunities Through Equity) that seeks to explore experiences and concerns among a diverse sample of women with endometrial cancer to create a new symptom index and gain insight on contemporary challenges for endometrial cancer survivors. As of November 2023, the study has seen remarkable participation and a new measure, the FEnSI (FACT – Endometrial Symptom Index) has been developed and is currently being tested with study participants. 

The feedback and insights from enrolled study participants have highlighted some of the most relevant and contemporary symptoms and concerns associated with endometrial cancer and its treatment. “We anticipate that as we validate the endometrial cancer patient-reported outcomes and launch this in the literature, we will be better able to define critical patient-reported outcome endpoints which can contribute to developing cancer clinical trials,” member of the study team Lari Wenzel, PhD, states. “This would provide a very important component of treatment evaluation–one which is meaningful to the patient and their doctor.” 

As a next step, the study team will get detailed feedback on the FEnSI from study participants  who have undergone treatment within the past three years. They are committed to diversity that includes reaching out to patients from various races/ethnicities, geographic regions, and socioeconomic backgrounds to create a comprehensive voice in the research process. 

The ultimate objective of the PROMOTE study is to clarify a clinically meaningful patient-reported symptom index that accurately reflects the symptoms and concerns most important to diverse endometrial cancer patients. “We have been encouraged during the initial phase of the study at the enthusiasm of our participants to share their perspectives, opinions, and personal stories related to their disease,” says Dr. Wenzel. As the study team prepares for the next phase of the study, these insights will provide meaningful and essential information to help researchers and providers better understand and treat endometrial cancer. Continue to monitor SGO and FWC channels for updates from the PROMOTE study.