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SGO Members, We Need Your Help: Seeking Endometrial Cancer Survivors for New Study on Quality of Life

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Feb 28, 2023

SGO is proud to be a recipient of a grant from GSK to develop an updated patient-reported outcome (PRO) measure that reflects experiences and concerns of endometrial cancer survivors representing diverse populations. This study is particularly important because many existing PRO measures used within gynecologic oncology under-represent women who identify as black, Hispanic, low socioeconomic status, and/or non-binary. Our new study named PROMOTE (Patient Reported Outcomes Measurement Opportunities Through Equity) asks endometrial cancer survivors their opinion on their quality of life and any symptoms from endometrial cancer and/or its treatment. While all races and ethnicities are welcome, we are specifically seeking Black endometrial cancer survivors at this time.

Participants can earn up to $250 for their time and participation, which will involve one to two telephone or virtual interviews and an online survey. Survivors are eligible if they were diagnosed with endometrial cancer in the past three years and are older than 18 years of age.

What can you do? If you know of Black endometrial cancer survivors diagnosed within the past three years, please ask them to visit the FWC PROMOTE webpage for more information or call 224-521-0681. (You are not likely to need IRB approval for this request since survivors will be reaching out to us directly).


If you would like more information about the study, feel free to contact any member of our study team:

Lari Wenzel, PhD, at lwenzel@uci.edu

Rachel Clark Sisodia, MD, at RSisodia@MGH.Harvard.Edu

Chelsea McKinney, PhD, at comckinn@hs.uci.edu

Jessica Oldham at jessica.oldham@sgo.org

Teri Jordan at teri.jordan@sgo.org